GradCafe Melissa Martinez Director GRAD Advising

Melissa Martinez

Director of Project GRAD

Julia Gonzalez

Senior Manager of Data & Analytics

GradCafe Ivonne Moreira GRAD Advisor

Ivonne Moreira

GRAD Advisor

GradCafe Julie Diaz Team Lead

Julie Diaz

Team Lead

Teresita Madero

Team Lead

GradCafe Brenda Rangel GRAD Advisor

Brenda Rangel

GRAD Advisor

GradCafe Rosalina Madero GRAD Advisor

Rosalina Madero

GRAD Advisor

Isaac Rivera

GRAD Advisor

Leyra Cano Luviano

GRAD Advisor

Isela Salazar

GRAD Advisor

Rebeca Rodriguez

GRAD Advisor

mayra Rodriguez

GRAD Advisor

yohana franco

GRAD Advisor

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Project Grad Houston

Project GRAD reaches deeply into the communities we serve in order to achieve our mission, partnering with trusted community organizations, high schools and charter schools, and community colleges and universities.

Tejano center

Project GRAD and GRADcafé are services of The Tejano Center for Community Concerns. Established in 1992, the Tejano Center provides social, health, educational, economic, housing services and community institutions that empower families to transform their lives.